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Mogul gear oils
  • Mogul gear oils

Mogul gear oils

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Country of manufacture:Czech Republic




Producing country

Czech Republic

Type of oil

Semi - synthetic

Oil type

Hydraulic transmission

Transmission oils are lubricating oils used to lubricate gearboxes , transfer boxes , main gears of   driving axles , steering gears, [1] as well as gear and chain gears ( gearboxes ) of all kinds.

It is most often obtained on the basis of extracts from the selective purification of residual petroleum oils with the addition of distillate oils and additives (antiwear, extreme pressure, mainly containing phosphorus , chlorine , sulfur , molybdenum disulfide ).

Before the advent of cars with high - loaded transmissions , nigrol was used .

Viscosity 6–20 mm² / s at 100 ° C. Open gears are lubricated with particularly viscous (50–500 mm² / s at 100 ° C) residual oils with additives.

For lubrication of hypoid drive axles,  hypoid oils are used (contain additives that react with the material in a chemical reaction to form compounds that act as anti - seize coatings). The use of non - hypoid gear oils is unacceptable (the main gear will fail very quickly):

  • MOGUL 10W - 30 TRAKTOL UTTO Universal Oil - Oil for year - round lubrication of the transmission units of modern high - power tractors requiring special oils or other agricultural, forest wise, construction or other mechanisms. Particularly suitable as a single lubricating oil, designed simultaneously for lubrication of mechanical transmission systems (manually switched, as well as under loading - „powershift”), hydrostatic systems and so - called hydraulic brakes. Allows you to significantly simplify the necessary range of lubricants;

  • MOGUL 75W - 90 HYP SYNTRANS Transmission oil - Synthetic oils designed to lubricate a wide range of an extremely loaded transmission system (axle and gearbox of a hypoid type with manual or other shifting or others). Designed for year - round use for a wide range of operating temperatures;

  • MOGUL 80W - 140H TRANS Transmission oil - MOGUL 80W - 140H TRANS;

  • MOGUL 80W - 90 TRANS Transmission oil - For manual transmission and the axis of modern cars and other equipment. Wide - range gear oils for a wide range of operating temperatures;

  • MOGUL Trans 80w - 90 H - Year - round multi - purpose transmission oil for lubricating a wide range of extremely loaded transmission mechanisms in modern trucks (especially hypoid and worm gear);

  • MOGUL TRANS ATF DII Transmission Oil - Transmission Oil is intended as a working fluid in automatic transmissions (ATF) of cars and ruzovy cars, buses and a number of other mobile devices. machines requiring oil with GM DEXRON II D specification;

  • MOGUL HYDRO 10W - designed for hydraulic systems of heavy construction equipment (wheeled and tracked excavators,
    loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks, scrapers, etc. ). It is used to lubricate hydrostatic and hydrodynamic mechanisms of wet brakes, couplings, end drives and transmissions requiring SAE 10W. They are called TDTO

  • MOGUL MULTI 46 Multifunctional oil - These oils are intended for lubrication of gears, hydraulic circuits, bearings, sliding surfaces of various designs and other moving parts of machines, especially when there are high requirements for lubricant technical characteristics.

Country of manufacture:Czech Republic
Information is up-to-date: 11.11.2019
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